Rolwaling Region Trekking

Rolwaling Region Trekking

Rolwaling trek offers the remarkable perspective of the Himalayas that lies along the north-eastern side of the finger land and that lies into Tibet toward the northeast of the Kathmandu – Kodari – Lhasa roadway. It is shaped by the northern borders of a wild, and the delightful and rarely visited valley beneath a string range of about 50 peaks all more than 6000m. It is enchanted by the beauty of the double peaks of Gaurishankar (7,145m/23,475ft) on the border and the peaks of Melungtse I (7181m) and II (7023m) in Tibet. Rolwaling valley trek contains a few little villages, the biggest is at Beding and is bolstered by the Rolwaling Khola and its various rivers and streams. it is home of approximately 58 000 people, the largest group is the Tamangs followed by Sherpas and Chhetris. In 2010 this range was announced a preservation zone, known as the Gaurishankar Conservation Area: covering 2179 square Kilometers.

Our 22 days Rolwaling trek starts with a picturesque drive along the 106km fellowship roadway towards the east of Kathmandu, through excellent landscape towards the border town. After another 50km drive to Khadichur, we leave the main highway to travel eastwards up to the bus stop at Charikot Dolakha. From the Charikot our pathway undulates, mostly steeply, between board bridges and waterways through Chhetri, Sherpa and Tamang villages. We pass through various suspension bridges that shorten the climbs. Then the path leads us through old rhododendron, oak and pine forests mixed with terraced fields around the villages. From the highest point of the Daldung La (3900m), there could be brilliant perspectives of Gaurishankar and its marvelous peaks.

Beyond Na there lies the spectacular last Karka (summer grazing village) of the Tsho Rolpa, behind it, there is an ice lake terminal moraine. There is serious situation that with the climate change increasing temperatures of the region, the melting waters could cause some moraine to burst: causing havoc downstream. The Work of building a permanent dam of the lake is being done in this place.

The unmarked trail then lead us to the Trakarding Glacier before climbing onto the Drolambau Glacier. The top most point of the trek lies on the slopes of Patchamo, called Teshi Lapche La (5755m). Teshi Lapche covered by glaciers and ice sheets wilderness set amongst snowy peaks including Tengi Ragi Tau (6943m), Bisphero Go Shar (6729m) and Drakkar (6793m) is Nepal’s one of the most visited trekking destination. Returning down to the campsite the trail is slanting and lies about 300m below the pass. From this point, we easily walk down to the Solu Khumbu to join the ancient caravan route from Tibet that takes us up to to the lowlands through Namche Bazaar. The end of the trek brings us at Lukla and from there we fly back to Kathmandu. Comparatively, It is one of the most arduous treks among the others trek which requires technical climbing experience and mountaineering knowledge. But Trekking Mountain Nepal will provide you well-equipped, best service and experienced staff to achieve your dream.

Rolwaling Region Trekking Packages

Tashi Lapcha Pass Trekking

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Rolwaling Village Trekking

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Rolwaling trek over Yalung la toward Jiri

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