Dolpo Region Trekking

Dolpo Region Trekking

Dolpa is a standout amongst the most exciting trekking destinations of Nepal. It occupies around 7889 square kilometers of area, and it is the largest district of Nepal, but still a standout amongst the most meagerly populated. Its geography is exceptionally thrilling and exciting. It contains the deepest lake of Nepal, Lake Phoksundo which additionally the deepest lake of high elevation on the planet. Dolpo is one of the very few Nepali districts that lies behind the Himalayan mountains, because of which it stays dry throughout the year. Consequently, most of the slope is exposed with little vegetation. Harsh climate consolidated with high slopes makes this are an exceptionally good, amongst the coldest in Nepal, and yet the barren with majestic hills lend it a rare beauty that is absolutely mesmerizing.

Because of the harsh living conditions, very few people live or travel over here. As a result, the people of the Dolpa expose a unique culture of the northern Nepal. This is a land where life still spins around horses, mules and yaks, people here still wear conventional clothing and jewelry. Still, now the remaining parts of the dead animals or people are given to wild vultures like in cavemen’s time. Indeed, even today, a lot of Dolpa is a moderately visited region for travelers, which contributed to the preservation of unique culture of Dolpa.

Highlights: If you liked the documentary Caravan/Himalaya about this place, then this is the trek to see such natural splendor. Phoksumdo lake’s crystal clear blue waters reflecting the spectacular landscape, unique Tibetan Buddhist and Bon settlements with their fascinating monasteries, as well as spectacular snow peaks there is a chance of seeing Himalayan pheasants and blue sheep.

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Upper Dolpo Trekking

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Rara Lake Trekking

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